IT Job Hunting Tips and Google

Google is your friend.
It’s probably why some of you are reading this post. But nevertheless here’s some pointers if you’re looking at applying for an IT job at any firm that is not to do with consultancy or software development.
When considering an organisation it’s good to know whether or not you’re going to lose your job. I came across this while looking at the Qantas graduate applications. So i typed into google

Qantas outsource

Even without clicking on any links we can gather that as of September last year Qantas signed an outsourcing contract with IBM and that 178 people could lose their jobs.

Just so I don’t come off as bagging Qantas, for an IT graduate this could also mean a faster track to a management role in a new lean organisation which has shed all of it’s extra weight.

That or maybe I should really look into applying to IBM.

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